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hey everyone NR77 here and today is my first day in my new collage soon i'll be able to create something better then sprite arts who knows i'll make my own video game and i'll let everyone play my games and make better art work


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For Niccorae 77 by johnnythehedgehoggg{ Free Icon } --  Sprite by HardrockangelFree to use 3DS Icon -Aqua Blue- by Typhloserrequest for nicco by anathehedgehog224
my name is Nicco Rae 77 (my name sounds like this niko ray)
species: wolf
gender: Male Button by ButtonsMaker
age: 18
birthday: july 7
powers: psychokinesis, fly,chaos control, speed and seeing people's oras
loves: hanging out with friends sometime, hotpockits, video game xbox360/ps3/wii, beating up foes
hates: ANIMAL FUCKING CROSSING!!!!!!!! friends hurt, mom jokes, seeing traitors, liers and betrayal
famlly:dinnis th3, N.J the chaos chao, S.C the silver chao, Leon the Wolf, Kiela the wolf, Mary the lamb, Melanie the wolf-fox, Melody the wolf-ailen Tracy the wolf-rabbit and Willy the wolf-rabbit
best friend/brother/wingman: :iconsupersonic124th:
Student: :iconrileythekitty:
emerald: gray chaos emerald, all 7 balance emeralds, black chaos blades and a blue sol blade
weapons: handgun
symbol: fleur de lis :iconfleurdelisplz:
team number: 17
team members: patroklos (team leader),Kate (medic), Jow and Juno (former member*
my 3DS XL friend code: 2981-6307-7527
my 3DS friend code: 2621-3443-7175
old theme song…
new theme song…
Favorite Anime Couples: ♥:heart:NARUTO ICON by SkyGiratina00HINATA ICON by SkyGiratina00:heart:
and ♥:heart::iconleonplz::iconluvluvplz::iconadaplz::heart:
Anime Couples i dispize: :iconwtfnarutoplz: :wtf: :iconsakurawtfplz: :heartbreaker:
i first join DA on 6/14/11
hero type: :iconheroflyplz:
lantern type: :icongreenlantern-plz: :iconredlanternplz:
oh and ....GO TO SLEEP! :icongotosleepplz:
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i miss :iconmspaintplz: so bad i cry for it + i want to sprite again
:iconrequestfriendsonly: Requests - Friends Only by SweetDuke
my pokemon team
:icongardevoirplz: Sonata female
:iconzoroarkplz: Dark male
:iconmafoxy: Lightfire male
:iconaegislashplz: Blade female
:iconlucarioplz: Omega male
:iconcharizardplz: Ember male

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i'm forgotten and alone.... :iconmiseryplz::icononionwoeplz::icononionfailplz::icongivingupplz::iconsweatdropplz::icondepressedonionplz::iconsadnessplz::iconorzplz:


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hey everyone NR77 here and today is my first day in my new collage soon i'll be able to create something better then sprite arts who knows i'll make my own video game and i'll let everyone play my games and make better art work
hey guys NR77 here and i want to say thank you all for saying happy birthday to me it means alot and also im now 19 it's might just be the same thing as last year... but yeah thank you all
hey everyone NR77 here i want to tell you all about what my FC/OC means to me most of them represent of friends,family acquaintance and or personalty be for i explain i want to cross out the obvious. first of New looks Nicco and Juno by NiccoRae77Negaive the wolf by NiccoRae77Albert the wolf's new look by NiccoRae77NiccoEXE by NiccoRae77M.e.c.h.a.n.i.c.c.o.t.h.e.w.o.l.f by NiccoRae77 Nicco the wolf, Juno the Dark hedgehog, Negative the Wolf, M.E.C.H.A. N.I.C.C.O .T.H.E. .W.O.L.F, Albert the wolf and Nicco.EXE will not be on this list because Nicco the wolf is basically me but with out the powers, Juno is the best friend/rival that i always wanted, Albert and Nicco.EXE are the people that i would hate to be feared and hated by others, Negative is mostly the downer side of me but the person of me that give up on everything even life but it doesn't last to long as soon as i get back on my feet. Mecha Nicco represent my joy and fun times on being a smart mouth prick sure i said something that made me a smart mouth on everyone's rps if most of you remember some of them.
second :icondantethedreamhod74: and :iconleothewolf77: will not be in this because Dante was a troll account to fake on being friends with Funnytime77 and stole his sprite sheets that he stole back then and all was people really hated Dante was for 1 being friends with the wrong people and acting like a selfish brat 2 the never ending hating and trolling comments sure some people knew about my fake account just to help me to do what everyone else has already done and end the end of it all DA banned that account for being a huge troll, people have stop trusting me and losing respect from others there were others that helped me on this but i don't want to tell anyone because i think they would get the same reaction as im getting right now and i didn't get much hate comments i only got no replys i mean back then people used to talk to me alot but now thanks to those worst choices i made most people on DA have stop talking to me ever since and no getting the sprites was not worth it i guess being the age of 15 or 14 means everything come easy and people will forget but it doesn't i was very stupid back then and again im am very sorry about it all and as for Leo he was only there just to get me back on DA and people to forget the crimes ive done around here, i made my mistakes and again i am so sorry about them i really am. and Leo was only there because i was ban and i needed to be brought back and i even used the account to try to bring back some friends that where banned as wall and im it kinda work?... in a way but even then i was still forgotten by everyone else and no one seemed to cared that i was back from being banned. and it was not easy most people that where banned got their accounts back but some just move to another accounts but when your me as a 14 or 15 teenager you would think other wises... but anyway lets moved on
third i will not add forms to this list balance form aka planit form by NiccoRae77Grievous's ora mode Nicco by NiccoRae77all my outfits and forms by NiccoRae77 you see many FC or OC can transform to anything they want such as darkform to superform to the 9 tails cloak and kinda did the same i mean my planet/ balance for is basically sage mode from naruto as most of you that done an role play with me already knew of some of you watched the naruto series the only different is that im using 9 gems called balance emeralds that uses earth,wind,fire,water,lighting,healing life, shadowing and, death ghost and only have a short amount of time to use it true it's short but when im doing the role plays with someone it's really fun to use it. 
and finally i will not use FCs that i made with other people for example Chocolate,shake, and robocop by NiccoRae77 Chocolate the rabbit, shake the chao and Robocop where made by me and :iconbabybunnybun: as an idea FC for cream the rabbit since cream has no father and we only made these characters for fun and nothing more 
on now all thats out of the way lets get started, first up is Anthony and Jowwy Mechet Anthony by NiccoRae77Jow and Blood's new looks by NiccoRae77 thise 2 represent from my friends in real life back in 5 grade to 6th with jowwy and 5 to 9th grade with anthony, jowwy wasn't blond with blue eyes he really had brown hair and green eyes but i wanted to make this cool for him so i did and Anthony isn't a ghost the possessed a robot just normal Jow and Anthony where my best friends that anyone could ever asked for i was very lucky to have them but i was sad when i will never see them again im not sure if jowwy still lives downtown or not and Anthony moved out of his home and i have no idea he did or when he did it was really hard to find them i mean i never seen Jow use a cellphone and my old phone i had had anthony's number on it but it was stolen a long time ago and im not sure if Anthony had told me or not and if he did it would made me feel bad if he did told me and i didn't notice.... sometimes i wish i can see them again and thats why anthony is a ghost and jow turns in to blood the death cat it means i lost 2 of my greatest friends and i will never see them again :(..
next is up is 3D Dinnis th3 the hedgehog by NiccoRae77 he represent my nephew in real life true he's a real pain but he's like the little annoying brother i never had and i'll always have fun playing catan, minecraft or project spark with him and i cherish each moment i have with him sure i want to smack him up side the head here and there but then again i want to hug him ^^ ... (please don't tell him i said that!) 
Ashlly Ashlly The Cat new look by NiccoRae77 she really is Anthony's older sister and a year older then me so she should be 20 after i turn 19 and i made her as a mechanic because i seen her fixing, tvs, i pods phones and a car one time and she was really good at it i also made her a tomboy because she told me she is a tom boy everyone knows so thats why i made her look like a guy abit and i kind forgot to add the eye lashes when i drew this ^^; (oopes) 
Anna Anna the Fox new look by NiccoRae77 i have a little cousin name anna she was so sweet and kind but hyper and has derp eyes it was kinda hard to look her in the eyes if one of them wasn't looking at mine and kinda awkward but we like playing games the last time i saw her was on her birthday i sometimes wonder if she's still doing well, she saw my art work on making sprites and she wanted to be in it so i let her be in she wanted to be a fox character but with shadow's colors for some reason and boom i made anna and this was befor i join DA
Kate and Riley Kate the hedghog by NiccoRae77Riley the cat's new look by NiccoRae77 represent me on how i help others more times then ever i mean every time i help someone in trouble at school i act like my fc riley and stand up to a bully and ended up in a fight just to defend for someone else and i act like kate and help someone whos hurt anyway i can until my older brother was dating a nurse name kate and since i made kate i might as well make her a doctor as well.
Frost,Luu Dante jake and sharry Frost the Fox by NiccoRae77Luu the wolf new look by NiccoRae77Dante's new look by NiccoRae77jake the wolf cat and sharry the rabbit by NiccoRae77 each Characters represent on my loneliness because you notice on each one has backstory that they are alone well it's because in real life im always alone it's dark and cold no matter where i go home,school or online im always alone and theres no escape from it knowing that i got noone to back me up and i have to defend for myself against everyone i had to fight in my old high school and it changed me alot and not in a good way...
 Simmions Simmons the wolf by NiccoRae77 you know when i said my old high school changed me alot and not in a good way well that is way i created simmions represents my hatred towards others and i can only think for my self after being back-backed stabbed and robbed here and there multiple times and my school did nothing to stop it instead they made it worst they didn't do anything to the person that stole my phone and instead they searched me if i brought a weapon to school but they really wanted to check if i was lying or not why would i lie about my phone being fucking stolen?! and why would i bring a weapon to school anyways? if the my old school thinks im a threat or stupid then there more then stupid then so they moved my classes to 1 room and it's was the worst place to be in then anywhere else and thats when i couldn't trust Jesse Bethel High School and my all my light was sucked out and became dark and suffered for 2 years until i moved to John Sweet high school and another thing when i made simmions he used to be so different but thanks to Jesse bethel i lost my data of simmions and had to start over it was horrible for me..
Crawler Crawler the nightmare new looks by NiccoRae77 crawler was my insanity i was so corrupt i sometimes think i should hurt others for respect and when i first moved to my new school i was afraid that theres is someone i would end up in a fight again and i always see myself trying to kill them jesse bethel really did made me crazy it made me feel nothing but hate to others and i really wanted to kill myself and take everyone with me and turning me in to a monster a bully is not a monster they are a trigger to turn someone into a monster without them knowing it...
Alfonso Alfonso the wolfbat by NiccoRae77 Alfonso represent one of all my bullies i ever had but him and his damn damn is the only one i can remember i always get in to fights with him in middle school to high school he first started throwing stuff at me and my friends with rocks some teachers saw but did nothing so i fought the bastard every time we're at school he even tryed to throw a char at me so when the school board had enough of alfonso's bullying they expelled i was so glad they did but....that was middle school ... but in high school thats a different story he wanted revenge so bad he even brought a knife to school i saw him with it when he was looking at me, when i saw him with it, he jumped he knew i saw the knife if he thought i would snich on him so he threw the knife at me i managed to move out of the way but it stabbed me in around the shoulder i even have a scar to prove it so he lunged at me i knew if he takes the knife out of me i be dead so i yank the knife off of me and threw it between some cabinets around the computers away from everyone else and had to get ready for the biggest fight ever the teacher was a fucking moron and did nothing while i was fighting him and he saw everything even the knife part.. i had to fight him and keep him from going near the knife but he was stronger then me so blocking his punches didn't help much and the pain on my shoulder didn't help i was in so much pain and i was losing until my classmates deside to help out and jumped on top of him and pinning us both down alfonso got not only expelled a but he went on trial for attempted and it's funny to find out that your bully is 2 or 3 years older then you and this this is when i was going to turn 16 and i found out alfonso was around 18 or 19 this was when i was a minor and if anyone is older then 17 is no longer a minor anymore and you can be arrested for trying to murder a minor thank god for that... im just glad it's all over but i had to move to another school because of it my mom said it was unsafe so it's better to move then stay i didn't care i was just glad to be out of that hell hole..
Xianghua Potrokols Walter SamB Xianghua the hedgehog by NiccoRae77Potrokols the bat new look by NiccoRae77Sir Walter the wolf's new look by NiccoRae77Sam.B the echidna by NiccoRae77 they represents of my teachers i had people that believed in me to the very end and never given up on me was some taught me how to fight,be a leader,to play poker,21 and blackjack...mostly 21 and singing and each one holds a special place in my heart and they brought my light back up again it took them a year but they got my light back up
Siegfried Siegfried by NiccoRae77 Siegfried is the hero i always wanted to be when i was in the dark i thought of a hero to bring me back to the light but it was only a dream he represents my hope that i would never give up even i was in the darkness will and i found beauty in my life again, ive been getting out of my house more often then ever ive been taking  enthusiastic walks to my house to the beach and stopping there and enjoying the wind blowing againts me.... and for some reason collecting bamboo sticks thinks and long ones.
Altair Altair the wolf by NiccoRae77 
Altair represents my ideas on everything on how im building something in minecraft, drawing or other stuff and turning bamboo sticks into bamboo swords and hitting bamboo sticks with it and mostly when i have think of something i will sooner or later have an idea on what i am about to do like cooking,playing games or anything.
every member of night hell, Voyde, Excella Irving Slick and last but not least Nightmare Night hell part 2 by NiccoRae77voyde the spiter by NiccoRae77Excella the fox new look by NiccoRae77Irving the cat (new look) by NiccoRae77Nightmare or Slick's new look by NiccoRae77the real Nightmare by NiccoRae77 these characters represents my darkness dying off until i have to face darkest nightmare and so far most the darkness in me has died off but i still need to faced my deep and worsted nightmare that i will fear that might happen to me i don't know what it is yet but who knows... 

Willy Willie The Wolf by NiccoRae77 Willie represents as my grandfather (papa) and other people that i cared in my life that died and i miss them so much but mostly papa i known him from the day i was born to the age 16 and when he died i felt like i wished i could spin more time with him but i know he's watching me and this may sounds crazy but i think i saw him when i graduated he was just standing in the crowd kinda like star wars when you think of it he was smiling at me happy to see me finishing high school and in a spite second he disappeared i thought i was going crazy but at least i know that papa is happy for me and would want to see my graduation heh it's funny that death can't a family members to see the young graduating a high school and first i made this character because i want to keep him alive in my world but he's already alive in my heart.

  any way that's is all i have to say about all my charterers and what they mean to me and if there is some i have missed then please let me know and ill update this and leave a comment below and tell me what your FC/OC represent or means to you thank you all and good bye!
 this is how i feel right now

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